baseball shirt

the first thing you do to make a baseball shirt is to like put your favorite player on it or team then if you want you could do a picture of the diamond or a baseball or something to do with baseball and put a famous quote from baseball on that shirt.


The magic shirt

One day a magic wizard was drying his clothes but then a little gremlin took his magic shirt and wore it for himself but it didn’t fit then a giant took it from that small giant so he tried that magic shirt on, but it didn’t fit so he threw it in the closest river. When the magic shirt made it to the ocean the wizard realized it was gone so he went on a rampage with no shirt and no clothes everybody was laughing at him  so he thought ill just make a new one and he did that magic shirt in the ocean was all alone and that wizard still felt empty, but he still had a magic shirt so he made a spell which teleported him to that magic shirt in the ocean and he felt happy again.

(geographic shirts)

If you were going to do a geographic shirt maybe do a picture of the earth and use the color blue or green.

If you were going to do a shirt on your country you should use any color you could put a funny face on it or put your country or states saying on the shirt like Texas and how we say “if you mess with Texas your going to get the horns.”

(music shirts)

If you were going to do a music shirt you would half to put some bright colors and maybe have white or black but you want it to bright to attract good attention to yourself.

If you were going to do a music shirt you should put your favorite singer on your shirt or have a music symbol or have your favorite lyrics to show you r appreciation of the shirt.




(comedy shirts)

When you make your comedy shirts you should put a funny pictures or a good joke on the front or back of the shirt.

If you were going to do a comedy shirt you should use the color yellow because that is the main color people use for funny shirts. Your shirt should always be funny because if it is not funny it is not a comedy shirt.

A comedy shirt is a fun shirt to wear and maybe a exotic shirt in comedy not like a tropical exotic shirt but a comedy shirt.